Doug DeMuro

Doug DeMuro


  • Nick McQuoid
    Nick McQuoid6 timer siden

    So nobody saw the horrible paint on the bumper???

  • Matt Clapham
    Matt Clapham6 timer siden

    It sounds like a video game! Crazy exhaust notes! Wow!

  • Matt Stanford
    Matt Stanford6 timer siden

    I liked the Ford LTD: Limited to....exactly as many as we can possibly sell

  • Nick Angel
    Nick Angel6 timer siden

    Awesome car! I love Porsche

  • r e v e l a r e_ XVII
    r e v e l a r e_ XVII6 timer siden

    *Imagine what the 992 GT3 RS is gonna be like.*

  • Noel Dharmadasan
    Noel Dharmadasan6 timer siden


  • F14Mavrick
    F14Mavrick6 timer siden

    who was the dumbass that payed 40k for a c63. My god.. that is nuts. I wouldn't go over 20k and that is stretching it.

  • Mikael Levoniemi
    Mikael Levoniemi6 timer siden

    Single spoke steering wheel was also a safety feature. When struck by the driver in a crash it would bend away and smooth the impact rather than stab and kill the driver like some other cars had the tendency to do in the 60s and 70s when their steering columns went through the drivers chest.

  • Nathan Losman
    Nathan Losman6 timer siden

    Very nice design- much better than the bangle butt successor

  • Curve ball
    Curve ball6 timer siden

    The only reason high-end automakers charge such outlandish prices for frivolous options is because they know they have customers that are foolish enough to willingly get financially raped.

  • John Beasley
    John Beasley6 timer siden

    I would buy one. Doug DeMuro is more weird than a French car.

  • Synced
    Synced6 timer siden

    Doug the type of guy to have 4 million subscribers. Congrats on 4 million Doug! : D

  • Amer Ganic
    Amer Ganic6 timer siden

    Yooo this the car you steal from michael.

  • Jonathan T
    Jonathan T6 timer siden

    Once you see the smiley face at 5:35, you can’t unsee it (look to the right)

  • Richard Lynch
    Richard Lynch6 timer siden

    You hear about CNC motors in Upland, California?

  • Everythingisgoingtobealright
    Everythingisgoingtobealright6 timer siden

    Another reason it sucks to be poor.

  • Edward Valivonis
    Edward Valivonis6 timer siden

    Doug is a type of a guy to check his breath before answering the phone

  • Ape Magic
    Ape Magic6 timer siden

    The 50/20 bet shows how much more detached NA executives are from their market/product haha. So accurate.

  • David
    David6 timer siden

    For Luxshourii Orriente People...

  • killasweep
    killasweep7 timer siden

    Great review as always! Far more detailed and interesting than Harry Potter's video.

  • Kirill Lebedev
    Kirill Lebedev7 timer siden

    How do I invest in Doug Demuro?

  • Iker Garcia
    Iker Garcia7 timer siden

    The downshift at 23:20 oh my god

  • baboon 6
    baboon 67 timer siden

    R.I.P. manual

  • James Velvet
    James Velvet7 timer siden


  • Ben gmail Thomas
    Ben gmail Thomas7 timer siden

    bugatti is french

  • Jacob Chaney
    Jacob Chaney7 timer siden

    Is that orange peel in the paint on the bumper @8:37 ?

  • Oscar Baez Soria
    Oscar Baez Soria7 timer siden

    Car sounds sex.....

  • Aleksa P. Stojanovic
    Aleksa P. Stojanovic7 timer siden

    this wheels are so ugly

  • Rusty Thrombosis
    Rusty Thrombosis7 timer siden

    "The ELR seemed like a good idea at the time"... so did that haircut, I bet, DOUG!!!! JK, I love your videos. And that haircut.

  • Luna Petunia
    Luna Petunia7 timer siden

    Never been a big fan of Porsche but thia car (especially in that color) is stunning!

  • Lensflair
    Lensflair7 timer siden

    I really like a lot of the options that Porsche is offering these days but I feel pretty strongly that a lot of them should just be expected to be included as standard on a car this price. The wheel and headlight accent colours should just be included, to make them something of a Porsche characteristic. And the axle lift kit should 100% be included if you’re manufacturing a car that can’t make it into your customers’ driveway without destroying itself...

  • Monkey Famous
    Monkey Famous7 timer siden

    Who else loves this color blue Porsche GT3?

  • matthew gonano drums
    matthew gonano drums7 timer siden

    Actually this car is dope and I would drive it.

  • Ted SCSI
    Ted SCSI7 timer siden

    20:32 "Prestige" was longer, luxury version of CX, it was build on station wagon chassis.

  • Alan Rowley
    Alan Rowley7 timer siden

    They didn't build it they just put it together

  • Joe Max Fpv
    Joe Max Fpv7 timer siden

    If I programmed all the gps spots around me that needed lift my car would be going up and down like a low rider convention.

  • Vietler _
    Vietler _7 timer siden

    I would rather have a gt4... Is what I have to tell my self because it's much more affordable

  • james64ibm
    james64ibm7 timer siden

    I feel like Doug shafted it in the weekend category - why do Ferraris always get at least an 8 for styling while even the most beautiful 911s only get 7. As far as I'm concerned, this GT3's styling is a coherent masterpiece - there is not a single thing on here that doesn't look right - while the F8 Tributo has oversized wheels and looks like a fish that rear-ended a rock.

  • FreakishPower
    FreakishPower7 timer siden

    Smoking Tire, Engineering Explained and Doug release their review of the same exact car within hours of each other.

  • Ishan Desai
    Ishan Desai7 timer siden

    another new dream car

  • Stan Perry
    Stan Perry7 timer siden

    I will own this car one day. You have my word.

  • Tuomas Holo
    Tuomas Holo7 timer siden

    Manuals also have higher resale.

  • Brimz
    Brimz7 timer siden

    I'm so happy they offer this in a manual. Makes the new Supra look like a disgrace.

  • chaz
    chaz7 timer siden

    Congrats on 4M Doug!!!

  • James Dombroski
    James Dombroski7 timer siden

    How much does it cost?

  • meltz
    meltz7 timer siden

    LaFerrari Aperta

  • Phil Salley
    Phil Salley7 timer siden

    Will it hold its own with C8 Z06?

  • Canadian Gamer
    Canadian Gamer7 timer siden

    Too expensive.

  • ProdriveGT
    ProdriveGT7 timer siden

    Manual ;)

  • Benjamin McCrink
    Benjamin McCrink7 timer siden

    That rear spoiler looks SOOO Fire

  • Tom Cook
    Tom Cook7 timer siden

    Came to see if it worked for table tennis. I was disappointed. The new supports would be in the way anyhow.

  • An2nio Youtube
    An2nio Youtube7 timer siden

    The fact I see these around a lot is surprising! Very expensive.

  • Treg Loyden
    Treg Loyden7 timer siden

    Circumcision. If I remember the TV commercial for it, you could circumcise a baby in the back of that super-soft ride.

  • filipe beat
    filipe beat7 timer siden

    8:34 kkkkkkkk

  • Young Dmac
    Young Dmac7 timer siden

    It's about average

  • Clifford Zellner
    Clifford Zellner7 timer siden

    Makes you wonder why they put a 20-pound exhaust system in the last GT3?

  • Bru Schmidt
    Bru Schmidt7 timer siden

    Nice vehicle. El Stupido Namo!I The name "KIA Carnival" is almost as bad as the Hyundai Vera Cruze, unless we're gonna see a barrage of clowns coming out when they park it!

  • HandyMan 101
    HandyMan 1017 timer siden

    How the hell would you even repair the engine? take the whole damn car apart?

  • blitzy
    blitzy7 timer siden

    5:35 Smiley face on the rear fender :)

  • AuidienceTT
    AuidienceTT7 timer siden

    Love these cars! I have 2 and will have 3 more @FZIU

  • theBuilder1
    theBuilder17 timer siden

    finally he's going to review the sf90

  • I've Never Done This Before
    I've Never Done This Before7 timer siden

    Wow Doug's index finger was on another level this episode.

  • George Michael
    George Michael7 timer siden

    Manual mode...LOL If if only has 2 peddles, it's an automatic.

  • Jeff Faller
    Jeff Faller7 timer siden

    Having lived in San Diego recently I particularly enjoyed seeing the hard acceleration down the on ramp just to be faced with stopped traffic on the freeway. Great review right up to Doug Score, completely subjective as always; Did Doug forget that this is one of the finest and purest expressions of a sports car in the world that incorporates the complete package approach. 0-60 in 3.2 seconds "9"; what's itphenomenal

  • mark Bours
    mark Bours7 timer siden

    What's so "weird" about this vehicle to me it was ahead of it's time in design like the citroën ds was

  • I Hate Youtube
    I Hate Youtube7 timer siden

    That engine sings 🍆

  • Horst Helge
    Horst Helge7 timer siden

    For me, growing up in the GDR, I've always viewed Wolgas as the ultimate luxury sedan! .....but to be honest, in the 1980-s, I've never seen such an ancient one! I doubt that this was really produced in 1988 since those Wolgas looked a lot different...and much more spacier (ok, no rear seat belts and climate vents...and considering the cupholders, even FRG-cars didn't have them!^^)

  • Adel Maiden
    Adel Maiden7 timer siden

    "Totally new on the outside"

  • Brian Weir
    Brian Weir7 timer siden

    Congrats on your 4 mil subscribers, Doug!

  • Gerri Jaya Kantono
    Gerri Jaya Kantono7 timer siden

    Remember folks.. buy the GT3 RS model not this one..

  • Eric Carabetta
    Eric Carabetta7 timer siden

    I don't understand these manual transmission Luddites.

  • Mr Nobody
    Mr Nobody7 timer siden

    Daddy Doug hit 4 mill subs 🥵

  • Dersou Oussala
    Dersou Oussala7 timer siden

    It sad to know nowadays in France it's more and more rare to see one cruising on the road, but one of my neighbor have one in black , it s like the Citroen DS a real masterpiece;Thanks for the memories, From france.

  • Oliver Lathe
    Oliver Lathe7 timer siden

    They strikingly sort of look the, where is the big design change,NOT...🙄 utterly boring ,the usual shape and design ,and WAY overpriced, thanks..the Carrara GT, THAT is a beautiful design...😉👍

  • Busy Studying
    Busy Studying7 timer siden

    Jeremy Clarkson is fuming at just the title of this video.

  • pumpnprop
    pumpnprop7 timer siden

    Doug is the kind of guy that makes me dizzy trying to predict which way his head is headed next.

  • Rachel Cloyd
    Rachel Cloyd7 timer siden

    That car looks like it could be worth a dollar. LOL

  • sclogse1
    sclogse17 timer siden

    I hate that color.

  • Artur Schmidt
    Artur Schmidt7 timer siden

    I still prefer that 09 Brooklands