The 1988 Volga GAZ 24-10 Is a Hilariously Bad Soviet Russian Car


The Volga GAZ 24-10 is a Soviet car -- and a poorly built, laughably outdated one. Today I'm reviewing the GAZ 24-10, and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of a Soviet car that lagged far behind what we had in North America. I'm also going to drive the Volga and show you what it's like on the road.
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  • Adnan Abdillah Ghifari
    Adnan Abdillah Ghifari15 minutter siden

    @Doug DeMuro Keyless entry doesn't exist back then

  • Snowy
    Snowy32 minutter siden

    Doug having fun with the car everyone needs to calm the fuck down, if you love it so much go buy one and review it

  • eat me!!!!
    eat me!!!!2 timer siden

    I was 10 years old in 1988

  • QB89Dragon
    QB89Dragon2 timer siden

    They did their best, Doug! You laugh, but they did their best...

  • Swar AL-Mahdi
    Swar AL-Mahdi5 timer siden

    GAZ stands for Georgia Aftamat Zavod, which means Georgia Auto Factory. You may find MAZ trucks which stands for Moscowfoscia Aftamat Zavod. I am very familiar with Russian Vehicles.

  • Bartenn
    Bartenn5 timer siden

    "looks like 1970 car" isn't it what car peopels want?

  • Benjamin Ciotti
    Benjamin Ciotti5 timer siden

    Hey I know Eagle Rock and Glendale when I see it!

  • Horst Helge
    Horst Helge6 timer siden

    For me, growing up in the GDR, I've always viewed Wolgas as the ultimate luxury sedan! .....but to be honest, in the 1980-s, I've never seen such an ancient one! I doubt that this was really produced in 1988 since those Wolgas looked a lot different...and much more spacier (ok, no rear seat belts and climate vents...and considering the cupholders, even FRG-cars didn't have them!^^)

  • royale with cheese
    royale with cheese6 timer siden

    So basically in this video he's just immaturely laughing at the car and Soviet Union. Yes, it's a POS, but it got people from point A to point B when not everyone had access to buy better cars from the outside, or lived in luxury. Hope you enjoyed your laugh at the expense of those who lived through those times.

  • Bryan Earthloop240
    Bryan Earthloop2407 timer siden

    On the other hand ..... mouth to mouth CPR was taught over here in UK as recently as 2010 .......LONG after HIV- aids and hepatitis B got established.

  • Chainerlt
    Chainerlt7 timer siden

    4 years away from McLaren F1

  • Bryan Earthloop240
    Bryan Earthloop2407 timer siden

    Finger - sized condoms in the first aid kit iinstead of disposable gloves?

  • Joe .Mclendon
    Joe .Mclendon8 timer siden

    A Little bit of drama there Bud....Much better than a Pinto or Vega or hornet or oh well , It's a basic automobile, so what

    TORMY VAN COOL8 timer siden

    the best video ever 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Frank K
    Frank K8 timer siden

    Seems more like an early 1960's car.

  • Tom Runesson
    Tom Runesson8 timer siden

    This is why I don't subscribe to Dougs channel!!!

  • mac
    mac9 timer siden

    this is a great car in Brazil

  • Larry Gassan
    Larry Gassan9 timer siden

    Wait til you get your hands on a Tatra.

  • Paul Albert
    Paul Albert10 timer siden

    You say you never get diarrhea in a car in USA? So what what do you have in your fancy ass first aid kits?

  • shockwaive
    shockwaive10 timer siden

    13:08 "Your stuff just kind of bops around and if it hits metal pieces well, then SOVIET" C'mon Doug, you missed a good opportunity there!

  • Tom S. E
    Tom S. E10 timer siden

    The material is not that funny. Stop giggling. You're a grown man. By the way, put on some pants. You know, the grown up kind.

  • LoBoCoPonYouT
    LoBoCoPonYouT10 timer siden

    Different times. Not really subject for comedy. especialy by a car journalist.

  • Carlos
    Carlos10 timer siden

    You can go to Cuba, there are a lot of Volgas over there.

  • Immanuel Kantholz
    Immanuel Kantholz10 timer siden

    honestly, you made a complete fool of yourself with this video. not only do you reveal an almost usamerican amount of lacking education, you also were ridiculing people who were in precarious life situation because of the usa's dishonourable politics.

  • Boat Axe
    Boat Axe11 timer siden

    5:53 “The Soviet logos were so ridiculous with their symbols of power”. Dodge Ram “Hold my antlers”.

  • Tomasz Stellmach
    Tomasz Stellmach11 timer siden

    Black pills it’s actually carbon for... diarrhea 😂😂😂 well it might be very useful sometimes 🤣

  • Yi Li
    Yi Li11 timer siden

    when I was a kid, in China, only higher-level government department leaders can be assigned to this car, with a driver too. Haha. Old days in China.....

  • Dan Android
    Dan Android12 timer siden

    I'll have you know it does 90 mph. Takes a while to get up there though.

  • john murdoch
    john murdoch12 timer siden

    Just put it in H

  • Philippe Larcher
    Philippe Larcher12 timer siden

    18:20 like it's never warm in Russia / USSR ^^"

  • gintas zukas
    gintas zukas12 timer siden

    15.04 it is not cloth strap, it earth lead for the hood.

  • Vladimir Bakalov
    Vladimir Bakalov12 timer siden

    @Doug, I think your view on this car is too contemptuously. I grew up in socialist cars like these - Lada, Volga, etc and I can tell you something - socialist cars may be outdated for their time but they are darn reliable. Do you know about planned obsolescence? The doctrine introduced by the capitalism that products must be short-lived in order to stimulate production? Well, planned obsolescence was virtually nonexistent in the socialism - everything was built to last because there was no competition and production and the demand were guaranteed. Socialist cars often last 30-40 years. They are made of quality thick steel, there was no compromise/savings on the materials. They are still driven today occasionaly in Easter Europe. A refrigerator built in the Eastern Block easily last >40 years. And then came the democracy and the plasticky western cars with planned obsolescence and value engineering that are planned to last 10 years but we maintain them up to ~20 years

  • Phiyedough
    Phiyedough12 timer siden

    I don't think my 1987 Ford had fuel injection.

  • budadi
    budadi13 timer siden

    A friend of mine had a 1996 LADA, it didnt even had a stereo... Haha I thought it was a early 80s car at first.. lol. It was HORRIBLE

  • Gytixas
    Gytixas13 timer siden

    15:05 that's not cloth strap. That is metal wire to ground the hood so that lamp could work.

  • teelouwi
    teelouwi13 timer siden

    Do that kind of test with a standard 1988 Chevy Cavalier and it would be even worse. Late 80's american cars were also amazing pieces of shit...

  • Александр Худобородов
    Александр Худобородов13 timer siden

    Volgas were in production until like middle 2000s. Latest models were ugly as f. Just google volga 3310. Its the same car but with "new" look and some interior upgrades but still. BTW Gaz actually making pretty good trucks and vans

  • Matus Kukura
    Matus Kukura14 timer siden

    I am not Russian, but this is the first doughs video I disliked because he is showing how simp he actually is.

  • Jon K
    Jon K14 timer siden

    Doug’s attitude to Russia more outdated than the car. Seriously, Doug, you really were a dick about this one.

  • Pakito xperia
    Pakito xperia14 timer siden

    I think it's a nice Russian car!!!! Seems the purpose of your video is making this car ridiculous..... There where other cars in the USA that were more pathetic!!

  • Joaofigas1
    Joaofigas115 timer siden

    Russian vehicles arent beautifull at all (this one for me it is) but they arent looking for beauti , they are always looking for reliable , lets face the true , their vehicles can last longer then most of 98% brands in world that arent russian made , they are to keep simple , thats its...

  • The Bonzootoo Review
    The Bonzootoo Review15 timer siden

    Interesting car and if you know a bit of Soviet history you know why some of these things are as they are. Can be compared to East German and Chinese cars of the era to get some context. I am intrigued by you providing a laugh track produced only by your own voice.

  • Yak Eru
    Yak Eru15 timer siden

    Doug laughs because there is an emergency kit with medicine in the trunk of a Russian car, I laugh because you would have to pay 5000$ in a hospital in the US to get that :D

  • mark james
    mark james15 timer siden

    The pills American looks like charcoal tablets and vodka off course, all stops require this.

  • A K
    A K15 timer siden

    This... Was basically a Rolls Royce to my parents and anyone else unlucky enough to have lived behind the Iron Curtain.

  • Hafensänger 08
    Hafensänger 0815 timer siden

    In Germany we laugh at American cars from the eighties. Think of the Chevrolet Citation or the Celebrity. Plymouth Acclaim or the Cadillac Cimarron. In all price ranges, there were significantly better cars to buy in Germany at the time. American cars stood for rear-wheel drive, poor design, excessive thirst for petrol, spongy chassis, unsullied steering, weak brakes, poor quality ... Back then, hardly any owner of an American car dared to try out the top speed on a Autobahn.

  • Bojan B
    Bojan B16 timer siden

    Wtf is this assclown on about? The car is from 1970. It’s still better than 90% of all American cars ever built.

  • jt cooper
    jt cooper16 timer siden

    I came here to see “put it in H” in the comments. Did I miss it?

  • Dan Schneider
    Dan Schneider16 timer siden

    Features of commie Soviet cars- It has wheels. Also a communist car being filmed in ironic

  • Tommaso Tietto
    Tommaso Tietto16 timer siden

    I wouldn't be so sure american cars where better than this one, at the end of 80' that why you showed us an "american" Lexus Ls 400? oh, btw, what about glorious american motorcycles, such as H&D in the 80's (and not just the 80's..)? No brakes, no suspensions nor a functional frame for over 60 years and you're laughing at the volga?? 🙄

  • OutOfPace Racing
    OutOfPace Racing17 timer siden

    This video truly was cringe and stupid... Shame... 🤦Hope russian mafia wont come after him 🤣

  • Markku Hänninen
    Markku Hänninen18 timer siden

    On the darker side of things, I think the idea is that you simply drink all the bottles after your passengers in the backseat have died in the accident you just had.

  • soberhippie
    soberhippie18 timer siden

    The liquid in the first aid kit is eye drops. Try it, the car will look a lot better after that

  • Jack Peterson
    Jack Peterson19 timer siden

    “THIIIISSSS” -me whenever i see a car now

  • John Albert
    John Albert19 timer siden

    Looks more like 1960s than even '70s.

  • Tatarus31
    Tatarus3119 timer siden

    Basically, it's not the 80s car. Volga GAZ-24 first appeared in 1967 and was produced all the way to the mid-80s (which also kind of speaks for itself). Why not judge it by the 1960s standards instead of trying to make fun of comparing it with more modern cars?

  • Michael Keller
    Michael Keller20 timer siden

    2.5l 4 cylinder with 100hp. Huh. Just like the 1988 Plymouth Sundance I had

  • David Gatt
    David Gatt21 time siden

    I had the same rearview mirror in my Nissan cash cows 10 years ago ... the mirror moved not the case

  • user48111
    user4811121 time siden

    Actually the medical kit contains the regular stuff, those bottles are not for drink, they contain iodine, ethanol and mainly sruff for treating minor injuries, the pills were painkillers. This car actually had an option for ac, and there was a v8 engine variant. It is truly awful, but maintenance is fairly easy, as the car itself is simple, the engine didnt had injection because it was supposed to be able to run on low quality petrol, the petrol was 76RON and leaded in the eastern block the years back then. That car was a sign of high status in the soviet society, it was a car that the average person could not afford, the average person was driving trabant, zaz, moskvich or lada.

  • Stoik Gramadanski
    Stoik Gramadanski21 time siden

    This car is no near bad you a$$hole....UNsubscribed....DAMN 🙄🙄🙄

  • Бунша
    Бунша21 time siden

    This car is how russian mind works..When it’s sober.

  • somebodybodysome
    somebodybodysome22 timer siden

    bearded anecdote. father teaches son: If you'll study perfect, I will give you a black Volga! If you'll study well, I will give you a white Volga! if you'll study badly - I'll buy to you a green Volga, you will drive a green one like a foolish! бородатый анекдот. отец (грузин) поучает сына: будешь отлично учиться - куплю тебе чёрную волгу! будешь хорошо учиться - куплю тебе белую волгу! будешь плохо учиться - куплю зелёную волгу, будешь как дурак на зелёной ездить! тогда это было смешно. машина или была, или её не было. про цвет даже никто не думал. разве что мечтал. да, так было. в америке упор сделали на автомобили, а у нас на общественный транспорт - автобусы, троллейбусы, трамваи, метро, поезда, многочисленный водный транспорт. пешком никто не ходил. другая культура... ;)

  • Jan Bal
    Jan Bal22 timer siden

    In Soviet Union car drives you.

  • Roy Prime
    Roy Prime23 timer siden

    Huge respects to the poor person that's managed to drive 49k in this thing without binning it.

  • Pinto
    Pinto23 timer siden

    Even though they looked funny and outdated these Soviet cars were able to reach 500,000 km and even a million km , while the good looking American cars would barley reach 200,000km .. that’s what this idiot doesn’t know

  • Fsal123
    Fsal123Dag siden

    What a douche

  • Ahto Andron
    Ahto AndronDag siden

    Doug, you can laugh all you want, but people where living theyr lives back then in that country. wher everthing car related was short. About the medicak kit, Almoust evey person that wanted have driver licence had to take first aid classes. And In Estonia, it is still required, but not in that level. But yeah compared to the free world cars, it was outdated car. But a dream car for many behind the Iron curtain.

  • Dot Matrix
    Dot MatrixDag siden

    15:08 That isn't a clothstrap but a copperband to discharge static electricity, which is a good thing in a gazoline powered vehicle by the way.

  • Dot Matrix
    Dot MatrixDag siden

    First aid kit with Rad-Away and Mentats to temporarily boost your stats and get Radiation -10 and Intelligence +5.

  • iKhan
    iKhanDag siden

    All cars he calls bad are actually some of the coolest cars

  • Nick Poeschek
    Nick PoeschekDag siden

    My parents had a 1987 Dodge Aries, I don’t think the Volga looks half bad compared with that pile of crap.

  • Roy M. dos Santos
    Roy M. dos SantosDag siden

    Honestly, the condescending tone of your presentation is totally off-putting. So the car was outdated for its time and had flaws. It's still a pretty good looking car and piece of history, designed when the Soviet Union was on its last leg. Maybe you should have waited and calmed down till your laugh attacks were under control before filming. I feel sorry for the owner who lend it to you, considering you just made fun of his very unique car.

  • Luciano Gallino
    Luciano GallinoDag siden

    It’s a shame that he missed the hole point of the car. It wasn’t made to compete with other makes. It was supposed to survive the weather, last and EASY TO FIX by all means. That’s why it’s so simple.

  • Charles Snyder
    Charles SnyderDag siden

    Doug, you need to add a new category-Hilarity. In which case it would get a 10 out of 10; the ONLY 10. 🤣😂

  • Britt Saunders
    Britt SaundersDag siden

    This was not the last "updated" Volga model. In the early '90s, GAZ redesigned the front end with rectangular headlamps and a sleeker grille; the rear end got rectangular tail lamps; the bumpers were enlarged and had black trim. Even later, there was an entirely new front end design with integrated headlamps, a swept back grille and sleeker hood. Revolutionary, really. 😉 The car reminds me of the venerable Volvo 240 series, which received essentially the same treatment while the interior and passenger compartment design remained relatively the same. I think the best feature of the Volga WAS its simplicity; less equipment to break down, simple engine and transmission. That's why so many of them are still used in the former Soviet Union today.

  • buttguy
    buttguyDag siden

    Once again this review makes me question if Doug has ever spent much time in nearly any car from the 70s-early 80s...a lot of these CrAZy WaCkY aspects of this car are extremely normal for the time it was designed/produced and could be said for nearly any european car of the time period...even the “good” ones. Although calling cars like this “hilariously bad” is already something I can’t stand about clickbaity internety car reviews like this anyway.

  • loki_Anonymous _024
    loki_Anonymous _024Dag siden

    I don't know why i love it.

  • Andy K
    Andy KDag siden

    This is a great car and this guy just doesn't know history and displays typical American ignorance. If you don't like the car, then shut the f..k up. Also I think this guy forgot how crappy American cars were and would've still been crappy if it wasn't for the Japanese cars introducing some competition. Like I said, this guy is a joke.

  • K.B. Tidwell
    K.B. TidwellDag siden

    This styling is more 1960's America. Check out a Rambler American. There's a lot of laughing in this video about stuff that just isn't funny, and it makes the video hard to watch. Most US cars were pretty much just like this at one time. But it's Russia. How could you expect anything modern? We could call this a 1965 Falcon and it would be a normal car. Much ado about nothing. At least the steering is on the correct side.

  • unixux
    unixuxDag siden

    Also This : n 1972, the GAZ-24-02 4-door station wagon was introduced, fitted with three rows of seats. However, to inhibit small private enterprises Volga wagons were not sold to private owners without special permit.

  • unixux
    unixuxDag siden

    You have to remember the main purpose of this car - to whisk away random innocent people sandwiched between two protoPutins in the backseat with least amount of comfort to both. Few cars symbolize stagnating oppression of USSR as much as this turd. That said, this particular piece looks immaculate and is as historical as a Sherman tank or a Messerschmitt


    The first car with seatbelts on the back seat I have ever seen from the inside was my second car, in my youth, I have never seen cars with seatbelts in the back seat ever

  • vorname nachname
    vorname nachnameDag siden

    Damn, my 1988 S-class doesn't have a battery gauge. Btw. this is a beautiful car in this condition. Looks nearly brand new. And more than liquids and pills i wonder why are there condoms in the first aid kit.

  • Bestbros Claravall
    Bestbros ClaravallDag siden

    In soviet russia, car make you

  • Gradjanin OPN
    Gradjanin OPNDag siden

    This guy Doug is Lacking depth of intellect or knowledge; concerned only with what is obvious....You need help man .

  • Ivo Nedev
    Ivo NedevDag siden

    My 1991 MB 560SEC also had similar glovebox "cup holders". I guess you were meant to drive it, not drink in it...

  • M K
    M KDag siden

    Hey, those activated carbon pills are god sent in case of sudden poisoning after eating a questionable quality cheburek on Russian roads.

  • debussy69
    debussy69Dag siden

    The car and this guy seem a perfect match

  • irakli kvatsabaia
    irakli kvatsabaiaDag siden

    Miserable car, for miserable people and you had to wait for it a decade, no wonder it collapsed.

  • volosat1y
    volosat1yDag siden

    this car is a mix of few production model years, original has another dash and interior/ i remember, green volga with red interior, old style door handles and dash/ Also this car comes with V8 for KGB, so no problem with 200km/h on dash

  • me3333
    me3333Dag siden

    Kids this is about the BEST car a Socialist nation was allowed to produce. So the next time you start shouting about making America a Socialist Utopia, remember that it took a high ranking official waiting for years on a list to even have the option to buy this car

  • Petr K
    Petr KDag siden

    What's so funny about pills? It's clearly not a "first aid" as you understand it it's more like health kit in general - something that you would actually use not only in emergency. Those dark pills look like charcoal if you get sick on a way/when you are camping etc. I wouldn't mind if current automakers would do something similar - people would at least get familiar with those kits and it wouldn't be only extra weight that nobody uses even in emergency.

  • Andrew Lemon
    Andrew LemonDag siden

    Doug you are very cruel, I had one of these in Moscow and the heater worked and that’s all that mattered.

  • ochucki 5
    ochucki 5Dag siden

    watch carefully beacuse you will see that kind of cars in western world with communists making rules in US and UE.

  • Nerd Gasm
    Nerd GasmDag siden

    I really don’t like how he compares it to the American cars. Not everyone in other parts of the world has/needs/afford a car. They had bigger problems like corrupted Government in the 80s than American Car Porn. 😂 And do you really think the pills and tonics came with the car in 1988?! Ridiculous!!

  • Brad Peterson
    Brad PetersonDag siden

    Were those condoms in the first aid kit?

  • Fred Flintstone
    Fred FlintstoneDag siden

    They don't allow Russian cars in the CERN unit for a reason.

  • mikki
    mikkiDag siden

    As our chief says: if a man is an idiot this is for long

  • James French
    James FrenchDag siden

    It looks like a stretched luxury Morris Marina derivative. It even has it's door handles 😛.

  • Shimron Netia
    Shimron NetiaDag siden

    I like the way Doug is amazed