The Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport Is the $3.6 Million Ultimate Chiron


This is the Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport. Today I'm reviewing the Chiron Pur Sport to show you all the quirks and features of the latest Bugatti -- and I'm also going to drive the new Chiron Pur Sport to show you what it's like behind the wheel of a $3.5 million Bugatti.
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  • cohen sabourin
    cohen sabourinDag siden

    Is the Bugatti logo on the key blurry? Or am I just too broke to see it

  • halneufmille
    halneufmilleDag siden

    Doug's reviews are very helpful each time I have to choose between buying a Bugatti and Koenigsegg.

  • Sumukh
    Sumukh4 dager siden

    That BADLANDS tshirt is sick tho

  • General Purpose
    General Purpose4 dager siden

    I think the word you were looking for is sophisticated. A whole different level when comparing it to a McLaren or Ferrari. On a quick side note here, 'quality is EXCELLENT! it gets a 5 out of 10'. Really??? You should work on that.

  • Impaler118
    Impaler1184 dager siden

    it isn't a doug review unless he has sweat glaze over his face

  • Sam Justice
    Sam Justice6 dager siden

    What kind of warranty comes with a Bugatti?😂

  • Ray Lavides
    Ray Lavides7 dager siden

    I love the spec of this Chiron Pur sport

  • Braden McGrath
    Braden McGrath8 dager siden

    So, can you fit "the box" anywhere in the car other than the passenger seat? I'm just imagining being some crazy rich guy taking delivery of one, and having to send your assistant to the dealership later to pick up "the box" because it doesn't fit in the frunk of the car. 🤣

  • Ruben Alves
    Ruben Alves8 dager siden

    He call me big purr 😺

  • Cameron Hall
    Cameron Hall9 dager siden

    $3.6M car and you can’t even get a indash screen 🥴

  • Dave RVATX
    Dave RVATX9 dager siden

    why is he wearing a t-shirt under a t-shirt

  • Emmanuel K. Sellers
    Emmanuel K. Sellers11 dager siden

    I wonder if anyone counted how many times he said aggressive 🤔😂

  • Leon Tan
    Leon Tan11 dager siden

    'You drive an Aventador? Pfffftt... peasant.'

  • Olekk ‘
    Olekk ‘13 dager siden

    Doug the type of guy to call his first child a «entry-level»

  • Yosaf Mehmet
    Yosaf Mehmet13 dager siden

    haven't watched demuro's car reviews for like a month and can't believe he is getting this large.

  • Mohid Daman
    Mohid Daman15 dager siden

    I would buy a Tesla roadster, a veyron (base model), Two Lamborghini’s, a rolls Royce, a mclaren and a Ferrari for this price.

  • Caleb Larrier
    Caleb Larrier16 dager siden

    One of the few cars more expensive in real life than in GTA5

  • Roger Skagerström
    Roger Skagerström16 dager siden

    Gotta love that VAG, EVEN HERE, can't get the up/downshift directions correct on the gear lever. How hard can it be?

  • A Chavanarorkrat
    A Chavanarorkrat17 dager siden

    "This wrx sti" in front of Maybach hahaha. Left me wondering if their is a new wrx.

  • Audi A6 TFSI
    Audi A6 TFSI18 dager siden

    Next Bugatti chiron Pur sport super sport grand sport

    ILUVCATS ANDPIZZA20 dager siden

    Manny's Hermes Bugatti is better looking than this one...

  • BlamBar7
    BlamBar720 dager siden

    The only reason I don't buy Bugatti is because they have the same key as a Jetta. #DareToBeDifferent

  • kuruman1
    kuruman121 dag siden

    Looks like someone drove 135 mph in this car. Doug?

  • ZeidGho
    ZeidGho21 dag siden

    Doug next time you go shopping for clothes, memorize this and keep repeating it: "Short sleeve undershirt"

  • ZeidGho
    ZeidGho21 dag siden

    Bugatti: Hey Manny, wanna but this exclusive car? We're making only 60! Manny: You're making 60? Do I look a peasant to you?

  • Alex Kiritz
    Alex Kiritz22 dager siden

    For $3.6 million you could buy a metal box factory.

  • sahil brar
    sahil brar24 dager siden

    exactly doug exactly.. to every single thing you said.. exactly..

  • Sergiu Covalciuc
    Sergiu Covalciuc25 dager siden

    @24:10 maaaaan, his knees are rough

  • Neclar
    Neclar25 dager siden

    Do a 🦎 review !!!

  • TheTyisAwesome
    TheTyisAwesome25 dager siden

    Never seen a guy so chapped that he has to scooch his seat up 😂😂

  • za
    za27 dager siden

    How many times did you have to refuel before going back?

  • Ahsan Mohammed
    Ahsan Mohammed27 dager siden

    7:30 - same as my 2011 VW Jetta key 😅

  • Avocado Goop
    Avocado Goop29 dager siden

    Bugatti Chirone pure sport

  • M.A Bukhari
    M.A Bukhari29 dager siden

    Does this car belong to Jeffery Starr? Saw some random video but noticed that it claims he was driving a Chiron. Which looks exactly like the car you are talking about . Could be wrong though 🤔🤷

  • S M
    S MMåned siden

    Why do we all watch these videos of cars we will never be able to afford?

  • Sven S.
    Sven S.Måned siden

    Why you are wearing that stupid mask?

  • Tyler H
    Tyler HMåned siden

    I love u so much Doug never stop making videos

  • J.A.M
    J.A.MMåned siden

    They should’ve added the electric tint feature on those top glass panels… You can see Doug is sweating his ass off

  • vindoughs
    vindoughsMåned siden

    Someone's got to explain the "Quality" score to me. It's a bugatti, you won't get better quality than that.

  • Lalo Garcia
    Lalo GarciaMåned siden

    Oh I C bring the exterior color interior and hide it...... now we can price it at almost 4mil lol

  • Jordan Woodz
    Jordan WoodzMåned siden

    It won't go plaid

  • Henry Jackson
    Henry JacksonMåned siden

    Does anyone actually use that USB stick? I would frame that shit haha

  • Deadlift Sensei
    Deadlift SenseiMåned siden

    im gunna say it, those vents litterally look like a 🐈 @11:14

  • HeartCanes
    HeartCanesMåned siden

    Meh, Tesla Roadster will be better and cheaper

  • Adrian rey
    Adrian reyMåned siden

    Bugatti planning 1. Make a model 2. Tune and add supersport 3. Make ultimate version of ultimate version Mclaren car planning 1.make a model 2.make a road focus car 3.make a track focus from road focus Bugatti and mclaren let's talk about your next mclaren artura gt and Bugatti divo supersport

  • Chuckito
    ChuckitoMåned siden


  • Priyangshu Das
    Priyangshu DasMåned siden

    I love the portion when he said "the key and usb"

  • NoICe!!
    NoICe!!Måned siden

    I don't see how bugatti does it😍😍

  • Ben Casper
    Ben CasperMåned siden

    upshift forward and downshift backwards? on a $3mil car?!

  • rickrudd
    rickruddMåned siden

    Doug the kind of guy to wear a mask inside a car by himself.

  • Yeetyfreety


    Måned siden

    He isnt alone

  • nelson 100
    nelson 100Måned siden

    DOUG.. You should do a complete 360 degree walkaround on all the cars you review.. ( although you do show all angles ) ...It'd be nice to see these cars as you would if you walked past it and around it.

  • Valentin Beaud
    Valentin BeaudMåned siden

    What about Sport+ button mode under the steering wheel ?

  • thatdumbgoblin
    thatdumbgoblinMåned siden

    Not buying the car, there's no cat included

  • srinitaaigaura
    srinitaaigauraMåned siden

    Next time Bugatti will release a Chiron "Purr sport" Which costs an extra $1 million and comes with a cute kitten too. And it will instantly get millions of views.

  • Ugur
    UgurMåned siden


  • retro racing shirt
    retro racing shirtMåned siden

    " chiron hypercar retroracingshirt " SHIRT

  • zack peterson
    zack petersonMåned siden

    holy shit these comments are sending me XD

  • John
    JohnMåned siden


  • Sultan Mapping
    Sultan MappingMåned siden


  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous PersonMåned siden

    Bugatti Chiron: I'm very fast Pur Sport Bugatti: Hold my beer

  • Sybil Barton
    Sybil BartonMåned siden

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  • Theresa Lang
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  • The Great Chimera
    The Great ChimeraMåned siden

    Doug the type of guy to drive with a mask on. Oh wait

  • Dank L0rdzzz
    Dank L0rdzzzMåned siden

    I wanna see this man drive speedtail

  • Eric M
    Eric MMåned siden

    What is that power button below the gear lever

  • William Beard
    William BeardMåned siden

    It hasnt even been 2 years and the screens already look ugly amd out dated

  • Tanmay Gupta
    Tanmay GuptaMåned siden

    I guess Chiron is more reasonable

  • disaster fun
    disaster funMåned siden

    Good to know I can easily modify my Bugatti Chiron pur sport to store children in the frunk 😂

  • TheCth777
    TheCth777Måned siden

    I truly can’t even conceptualize driving something like this

  • Terry Forth
    Terry ForthMåned siden

    A 7/10 for quality 🤥??

  • Ima Computer
    Ima ComputerMåned siden

    "it's just one of the best ALL AROUND cars" lol ok crazy

  • Ima Computer
    Ima ComputerMåned siden

    dougs type of guy to sweat in 3.6 million dollar car, seriously tho, those 4 dial controls with the screens are awesome, i hope mainstream cars get them too

  • David Key
    David KeyMåned siden

    Would be nice if you had a camera pointing out the window and not on your dumbass when you accelerate and driving down the highway

  • Name
    NameMåned siden

    I didn’t even get to hear the exhaust 🙄

  • DoubleDeckerAnton
    DoubleDeckerAntonMåned siden

    Doug is the 'go to guy', for 'showing your car to the world'.

  • Jonathan Rojas
    Jonathan RojasMåned siden

    I used to have the same key on my 01 jetta lol 😂

  • simon jessup
    simon jessupMåned siden

    The moldy lotion greely suggest because bankbook byerly peck underneath a ahead golf. workable, brave trail

  • 11. Neelanchal Agarkar
    11. Neelanchal AgarkarMåned siden

    I am probably gonna guess literally no one watching this video would buy this

  • Henry The Ninja
    Henry The NinjaMåned siden

    Would you rather have a Pur Sport or a Divo

  • Don Harrison
    Don HarrisonMåned siden

    Looks like a C8

  • Who Knows
    Who KnowsMåned siden

    you gotta do the senna gtr

  • Julián Moreau
    Julián MoreauMåned siden

    I've been seeing in your supercars videos that awkward trunk divisor. It's a 3+ million dollar car! Was it too expensive to put a stupid release latch?!!!

  • adam randell
    adam randellMåned siden

    You could daily drive it if you could afford the maintenance and fuel cost, I can’t imagine there are many people who could afford a 3.6 million car who couldn’t afford the maintenance and fuel costs 😂

  • Farhan Y
    Farhan YMåned siden

    This dude literally gets an orgasm while saying "This" at the start of every video

  • mikkel krømmelbein
    mikkel krømmelbeinMåned siden

    I mean why would you pay 3.6M for something French?? Lmfao🤣

  • Lord Apophis
    Lord ApophisMåned siden

    @23:10 so that's what Doug looks like with a mask...

  • James Higginbotham
    James HigginbothamMåned siden

    Does having downforce on unsprung weight even make sense?

  • Blake Gonzales
    Blake GonzalesMåned siden


  • Chris Parayno
    Chris ParaynoMåned siden

    How many Bugatti can we get one Doug's channel? All of them

  • Jaro Zita
    Jaro ZitaMåned siden

    16:40 - electric seat motors: 5.6 lbs. Heated seats coils and switches: 8 ounces. Yeah, the engineers actually know what they're doing, Doug!

  • SF
    SFMåned siden

    I'll drop 110lbs right now if someone paid me $3.5 million

  • SF
    SFMåned siden

    Doug holds the world record for the most mentions of "box" thanks to this video

  • Johnny Koczela
    Johnny KoczelaMåned siden

    "Indescribable" *proceeds to describe for 5 minutes*

  • Jonathan
    JonathanMåned siden

    doug genuinely makes the dumbest inferences about why car manufacturers do things. "heated seats but no power seats! preposterous!" heating elements in heated seats are a few resistive wires. electric seats require heavy motors. not the same thing at all.

  • PeterAckarey
    PeterAckareyMåned siden

    "Easter Egg"-->"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means." --D. Montoya

  • Márcio Peixoto
    Márcio PeixotoMåned siden

    a car of this value... this chest would have to come with a donut voucher of at least one year!

  • Matthew Coroa
    Matthew CoroaMåned siden

    Whoever would buy this car without the carbon fiber pur sport wheels is insane.

  • LukeBass1000
    LukeBass1000Måned siden

    Imagine rolling up to a red light in your Chiron thinking you're hot shit then this pulls up next to you

  • riley muir
    riley muirMåned siden

    Doug is sweatin

  • medved
    medvedMåned siden

    How much more "ultimate" can it really get?