The Lincoln Blackwood Was an Ultra-Quirky Luxury Truck Failure


IT'S HERE! I'm finally reviewing a Lincoln Blackwood. Today I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of the Lincoln Blackwood -- and I'll show you all around the truck and explain why it was such a failure. I'm also going to drive the Blackwood and show you what it's like on the road. Blackwood day is here!
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  • Doug DeMuro
    Doug DeMuroMåned siden

    Did I make a 34-minute video on the Lincoln Blackwood? I did. I have no regrets.

  • TheAeroAvatar


    Dag siden

    This truck is the definition of all style and no substance.

  • Heather Naismith

    Heather Naismith

    3 dager siden

    @Esteban Gonzalez Yeh

  • Francis Park

    Francis Park

    5 dager siden

    Doug, I think the Blackwood has a front end of a Navigator.

  • kobra6660


    6 dager siden

    Why didn't they just save money and just call this a king ranch would've worked better

  • Benson Hedges

    Benson Hedges

    6 dager siden

    34 minutes of black wood Sure that isn’t an Insta thots search history ?

  • Martin Meramdzhiev
    Martin Meramdzhiev14 timer siden

    01:41 that one, I could still spot it here and there on the streets

  • Tavish Hammond
    Tavish HammondDag siden

    Breaking down a Backwood watching him break down a Blackwood

  • alexg0097
    alexg0097Dag siden

    Wait. A 5.4 triton reliable? 👀 ever shot a spark plug through a hood? They have.

  • Cameron Holt
    Cameron HoltDag siden

    I would put a Ford truck bed on it . Then it would be a nice ass truck

  • Narrowgaugefilms
    NarrowgaugefilmsDag siden

    These luxury pickups and SUVs really changed how we imagine Cadillacs and Lincolns. Once they were basically coupes, convertibles and sedans only. Back then, if you saw one that was a station wagon, take off your hat: a funeral was passing by! There may even have been a pickup close behind: that was for the flowers. Since then they've become basically anything that sells at the dealership. -still the same, I'm still processing that moment when I saw a Cadillac with a snow plow mounted on the front!

  • Mister Six
    Mister SixDag siden

    Lincoln Deadwood

  • Brandon Dominguez
    Brandon DominguezDag siden

    That truck looks like crap

  • Nathan Reed
    Nathan ReedDag siden

    I can just imagine Doug working for a car manufacturer in the future. Behold the brand, “Dougy”. He makes weird and cool cars. Love ya Doug. 🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼

  • Roberto Bueno Doallo
    Roberto Bueno DoalloDag siden

    I don't understand, this thing looks like the standard above average/luxury cars that are so loved in the US now: SUV monstrosities gas-guzzlers parking-lot queens with zero real ''rural'' capacities and a lot of ''don't move a muscle'' it was just some years in advance of it's time ?

  • SuperMixedd
    SuperMixeddDag siden

    what's the purpose of the buttons with digits "1-2", "3-4", "5-6", ... in the driver's door handle?

  • Donny Chua
    Donny ChuaDag siden

    16:50 Harder, harder, daddy

  • Desmaad
    Desmaad2 dager siden

    A vehicle so American, most Americans couldn't stand it.

  • Mythhorn Cat
    Mythhorn Cat2 dager siden

    1:36-1:45 LOL

  • shadow the hedgehog
    shadow the hedgehog2 dager siden

    I move microcars in my blackwood.

  • Gerry R
    Gerry R2 dager siden

    Doughs the type of guy who works 25 hrs a day and gets up 2 hrs before he goes to bed

  • MGTOW P.L.
    MGTOW P.L.2 dager siden

    A Excellent Video.. Highly Recommended.. Thank You Very Much For Sharing..

  • Sympathiful
    Sympathiful3 dager siden

    24:25 you can clearly see another fake wood trim piece on the door

  • Delbert Shoals, Jr.
    Delbert Shoals, Jr.3 dager siden

    Please do a Cadillac EXT review. PLEASE!!!

  • El Mayimbe
    El Mayimbe3 dager siden

    Seen like 5 of these in my life I see more 1st gen NSX's than these.

  • Noah Levy
    Noah Levy3 dager siden

    Nothing says "douchebag" like buying a pickup when you're never gonna haul anything! Love the video!

  • Noaahh Hoke
    Noaahh Hoke3 dager siden

    Such a cool truck

  • Noaahh Hoke
    Noaahh Hoke3 dager siden

    Great video Doug keep it up love your videos

  • Savan Rajput
    Savan Rajput3 dager siden

    This is a money maker for the "yes" management... Still a terrible looking pickup

  • Stanojevic Nataša
    Stanojevic Nataša3 dager siden

    I actually like Chevrolet SSR.

  • Tyler Dunn
    Tyler Dunn3 dager siden

    Please find a mark LT and review it too

  • Kyle Gravel
    Kyle Gravel3 dager siden

    I love it

  • Dk The Magikman
    Dk The Magikman3 dager siden

    The monkey noises lmaoo

  • XxSlenderCookie_BoyxX
    XxSlenderCookie_BoyxX3 dager siden

    The fact that my dad has a Lincoln Town Car, he wanted one of these Lincoln trucks

  • Komchi
    Komchi3 dager siden

    Very nice video, but i think u missed some buttons under the CHROME door handles. What do they do? Can you have a PIN code to open the vehicle

  • Jason Biggs
    Jason Biggs3 dager siden

    Once you've seen the off-centered Blackwood. You could never go back

  • The_Harbour_Boys
    The_Harbour_Boys4 dager siden

    "Pickup truck" yeh ok

  • landcaster 4
    landcaster 44 dager siden

    "Truck" and Lincoln used the term loosely

  • José Domingo Silva Leoz
    José Domingo Silva Leoz4 dager siden

    Doug, please, quit cocaine.

  • Zach Babcock
    Zach Babcock4 dager siden

    I couldn't make it thru the whole video ...this dude is horrible.....we get it it's "quirky" and your excited

  • De Anthony Thomas
    De Anthony Thomas4 dager siden

    My childhood friend I grew up with 3 houses down from grandfather Mr. Rosevelt literally had 2 Blackwoods in the driveway he gave one to my friend he was only 20 years old at the time could u imagine driving a Blackwood at that age sheesh

  • william spencer
    william spencer4 dager siden

    omg... using that nav system once would end in a Lincoln Blackwood sitting in front of the dealership... on fire.

  • Mr. Ramirez
    Mr. Ramirez4 dager siden

    Harley Davidson is the new blackwood.

  • rocking546
    rocking5464 dager siden

    I don't get Doug's obsession with cars having to have electric powered everything

  • Ray Schultz
    Ray Schultz5 dager siden

    I always thought soft cups only was so in an accident you didn't get injured hitting your head against an aluminum can or something.

  • Ratlife
    Ratlife5 dager siden

    I’m disappointed that Doug didn’t catch on that a lot of the features and quirks of the Blackwood were nautical themed. Even things he pointed out, the lights in the bed, the button like latches in the bed, the wood trim with the Chrome. I fucking love this pickup truck, always have.

  • Jeremy Simo
    Jeremy Simo5 dager siden

    @8.35 did he just say off centered as fuck or was that just me 😂

  • Sponsurd
    Sponsurd5 dager siden

    always an old school smooth brother driving one of these bad boys. Always detailed and clean too. I dig it

  • The Onyx Viper
    The Onyx Viper5 dager siden

    Well, least they tried again with the Mark LT later on.

  • Princeton Morris
    Princeton Morris5 dager siden

    Man you talk to much, hard to watch for 30 minutes

  • Colton Judd
    Colton Judd5 dager siden

    I just saw a gray one of these in WNY and I was losing it.

  • Jimboshobo
    Jimboshobo5 dager siden

    A family member working as a salesman for Lincoln Jaguar in CT back when these were for offered claimed that these were going to be a big seller and people like architects, engineers, designers would be tripping over their shoelaces to purchase these. Guess that did not happen as predicted.

  • MrRiggyRiggs
    MrRiggyRiggs5 dager siden

    I remember always wanting one! Damn. I loved Lincolns. I had many mark vii lsc cars.

  • Ivan Hernandez
    Ivan Hernandez6 dager siden

    I would hate to imagine what the owner would do if you accidentally let the trunk cover close just alittle too hard 😬😬

  • kobra6660
    kobra66606 dager siden

    We had this the mark lt which was no better and than gm did their own thing and rebadged the avalanche

  • Oscar Estrada
    Oscar Estrada6 dager siden

    Take a shot everytime Doug says " Wood "

  • Oscar Estrada
    Oscar Estrada6 dager siden

    I'm here for the 🐒🐵 sounds

  • Christian Bridges
    Christian Bridges6 dager siden

    This car makes me angry 😭

  • A Brizzo
    A Brizzo6 dager siden

    That navigation 🧭 system would make me lose my mind lol

  • M Chris
    M Chris6 dager siden

    Saying a f150 is a workhorse makes as much sense as a carpeted truck bed

  • Colton Wyant
    Colton Wyant6 dager siden

    Idk about you but if I wanted a workhorse truck that has luxury features I’d just buy a king ranch

  • Rich Dars
    Rich Dars6 dager siden


  • Alec Stoncius
    Alec Stoncius7 dager siden

    I’m pretty sure Doug has an Adderall problem.

  • Joshua Miller
    Joshua Miller7 dager siden

    Man, all the nostalgia with this one. I thought this truck was so cool when I was in high school because it seemed so different than anything else out there. I remember thinking "it's like a Navigator but a truck- amazing!" lol

  • Hungry Joe
    Hungry Joe7 dager siden

    16:44 I haven’t laughed so hard like that in my life.. I lost my breath..

  • Ejc Ejc
    Ejc Ejc7 dager siden

    The Lincoln Black Why

  • Anthony Gonsalves
    Anthony Gonsalves7 dager siden

    Andre 3000 of outkast owns one of these

  • Connor Vigor
    Connor Vigor7 dager siden

    I seen one of these the other day and I thought I was seeing stuff when I was a Lincoln truck lol

  • Tee Rilla
    Tee Rilla7 dager siden

    It's the equivalent of "but we have an Escalade at home" lmao

  • Josh Saunders
    Josh Saunders7 dager siden

    I feel like this truck would do better on todays market! They could sell a lot of these

  • Cameron Melton
    Cameron Melton7 dager siden

    And then there were 12

  • Blitz Wing
    Blitz Wing7 dager siden

    idk why but i felt so angry watching this video lmao! why would they make this???

  • Shawn N
    Shawn N7 dager siden

    I think it would sell in today's market. People are paying south of 100k for massive trucks and they never haul anything or go off road. This truck was ahead of its time.

  • Grayden Macleod
    Grayden Macleod7 dager siden

    Do you take a fat rail of adderal before recording?? Ffs

  • jovit theinnocent
    jovit theinnocent8 dager siden

    Can you cover one of those Cadillac trucks? Theres some sweet features on those

  • Holt Geiger
    Holt Geiger8 dager siden

    How about that the fact " That Ford truck" is the only that has the 5.4 32 valve engine it. No performance #s. That is almost the same engine as the Ford GT the supercharger

  • Nicholas R
    Nicholas R8 dager siden


  • Allen Tokyo
    Allen Tokyo8 dager siden

    Finally something that is not eurocrap

  • Bradley Harrington
    Bradley Harrington8 dager siden

    I had a co worker that drove one of these . He was an idiot and knew nothing about cars . He was driving it with it spewing power steering fluid . Because the high pressure line was split . He’d fill it up before driving home which was driving like 30 min . And it would be empty by my guess a mile down the road . My aunt and uncle also bought one new back in the day

  • Peter Blood Henderson
    Peter Blood Henderson8 dager siden

    I mean trucks kind of eventually replaced the luxury sedans in America. Lincoln almost had the right idea but this ain't it.

  • Wookie AutomoTV
    Wookie AutomoTV8 dager siden

    Hey now, the Flex is awesome!

  • Erick Messer
    Erick Messer8 dager siden

    Hey hey hey, I’m not gonna take the slander on the Ford Flex.

  • Henrik Dümke
    Henrik Dümke8 dager siden

    The amount of joy gave me the chills!

  • Mykhal Perry
    Mykhal Perry8 dager siden

    The navigation screen looks straight out of 1985.

  • Miranda Watson
    Miranda Watson9 dager siden Innanzitutto, il rafforzamento e lo sviluppo della struttura interna richiede la definizione e il chiarimento di nuovi principi per la formazione della base materiale, tecnica e personale. All'improvviso vengono scoperti molti personaggi famosi. 同様に、外部の反対の意味分析は、大部分が大衆参加のシステムの重要性を決定します。現在の国際情勢を考慮して、省資源技術の本質を理解することは、既存の行動パターンの分析を実施する独立した方法を前提としています。考えるべきことがあります。第三世界の活発に発展している国々は、世界的な経済ネットワークを形成していると同時に、社会民主主義のアナテマに裏切られています。しかし、市民の意識のレベルの増加は、活性化のための適切な条件のための十分な機会を提供することを忘れてはなりません!

  • Justin Troyer
    Justin Troyer9 dager siden

    Not gonna lie, I really wish both my 2019 Toyota Camry xse and 2020 Kia Sorento S v6 had HVAC controls on the wheel, hardly use any buttons besides the volume up & down and cruise control up

  • Rasputia Perry
    Rasputia Perry9 dager siden

    The emergency trunk release latch has a figure person literally running away from the truck....yea that’s definitely made with kidnapping possibilities in mind. 😆😬🤭😶

  • Brandon Caldwell
    Brandon Caldwell9 dager siden

    Went to a garage sale where someone had one of these. Very ugly vehicle with nonuse what so ever..

  • Langam
    Langam9 dager siden

    So it's like a luxury SUV... but with less practical storage in back...

  • Nabeel Mohammed
    Nabeel Mohammed9 dager siden

    I've never seen Doug this happy - now i know what to get him as a birthday gift lol

  • The Impairer
    The Impairer9 dager siden

    I want one

  • Kyle Rodgers
    Kyle Rodgers9 dager siden

    You should do a video on a 2003-2006 Chevy Silverado 1500 SS

  • badtbss ls2
    badtbss ls29 dager siden

    I saw this truck when it was new at a shop I worked at in Dallas I was amazed by it I remember thinking how much more do I need to make to afford this awesome vehicle 😂

  • Steve Rone
    Steve Rone9 dager siden

    The bed was so ugly

  • Kevin Stevens
    Kevin Stevens9 dager siden

    That’s one ugly ass truck

  • nickstl77
    nickstl7710 dager siden

    16:44 got me hard as a rock

  • Larry Simmons
    Larry Simmons10 dager siden

    Obsessed with blackwood huh lol

  • Official Elon Musk YouTube Channel
    Official Elon Musk YouTube Channel10 dager siden

    This looks like an incredible road trip vehicle.

  • Xavier Rios
    Xavier Rios10 dager siden

    That’s basically a 99 navigator with a bed

  • Xavier Rios
    Xavier Rios10 dager siden

    Brooo what are you on crack relax bro 😂

  • Chad Biltz
    Chad Biltz10 dager siden

    I worked for the company that made the bed panels back in 2003. WAS HILARIOUS

  • Crystal Piper
    Crystal Piper10 dager siden

    23:37 If you lock the trunk cover and then hand your keys to a valet, can't the valet just open the console and unlock the switch again? What am I missing?

  • Alfredo Lopez
    Alfredo Lopez10 dager siden

    If he's that obsessed with this ugly truck qhy doesn't he buy it

  • Drac22
    Drac2210 dager siden

    Looks a lot like the body stile is kind of like my Explorer Sport Track. But still a lot different. Bigger bed.

  • Likedbymany
    Likedbymany10 dager siden

    Hehe I like how he says "classy" 🤣🤣