The Polestar 2 Is a Tesla-Rivaling Electric Luxury Sport Sedan


Polestar 2 review!!! The Polestar 2 is a new electric luxury sport sedan, designed to rival the Tesla Model 3 and others. Today I'm reviewing the Polestar 2 and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of the newest EV luxury sedan on the market. I'll also drive the Polestar 2 and review the driving experience.
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  • Frank Linden
    Frank LindenTime siden

    Ummm...looks like a Buick...just saying Volvo fans.

  • Juan Trujillo
    Juan Trujillo2 timer siden

    Please review the Lucid Air once it comes out

  • Deathlikesensation
    Deathlikesensation4 timer siden

    The console just looks and seems like a shitty Samsung tablet

  • Rodney King
    Rodney KingDag siden

    18:28 Sure but with the Tesla you get all those issues of fitment and little things that break and there isn't a dealership to take it to. Both are still double my price range but if I had to choose, I would get the Polestar because it comes from a company that has been building quality vehicles for a very long time. Tesla gets the credit for getting everyone to finally go electric and save our planet.

  • KartKing4ever
    KartKing4everDag siden

    The extra 5K goes into body panels that actually line up.

  • Speedy Black Sheriff
    Speedy Black SheriffDag siden

    8:14 Nice

  • Nolfavrell
    NolfavrellDag siden

    literally got a shelf like that for the owners manual in my 2011 VW Golf lmao

  • Ben Vlogs
    Ben Vlogs2 dager siden

    Only doug would compare two vehicles using the incorrect prices. The only time you get the gold seatbelts is with the performance package that starts at $71,400

  • Femi Awo
    Femi Awo2 dager siden

    Better interior? Interior materials look as cheap and crappy as Tesla’s. 0-60 in 5 secs is not fast for an electric vehicle trying to compete. Does it have a realistic charging infrastructure? The infrastructure is literally the most significant factor holding back electric vehicles not named Tesla from competing despite Doug surprising oversight of this. Even with a good deal, the lack of infrastructure is a notable dealbreaker for many.

  • MalachiteMike
    MalachiteMike2 dager siden

    I wish I was that gear lever 🥴

  • Rog5446
    Rog54462 dager siden

    Polestar, a new brand/model? Polestars have been on sale in the UK for some years.

  • Bradly Miller
    Bradly Miller3 dager siden

    Tesla has one major problem. Quality control

  • Togg Tlas
    Togg Tlas3 dager siden

    Say what you will but this car is gorgeous; Makes Tesla look like a cheap toy car.

  • Jonathan Varghese
    Jonathan Varghese3 dager siden

    I can always count on Doug to tell me how many cupholders there are :)

  • kopmis
    kopmis3 dager siden

    -Completely fails to mention that is has the first infotainment system in the world that runs Android Auto OS. I'd say that is a pretty significant quirk and/or feature. -"These systems have been catching up to Tesla...Polestar arguably has better tech" doesn't compare or even mention the self-driving capabilities of either the Polestar or Tesla _at all_ (!!!) which is arguably _the most_ important differentiating software feature. -Doesn't mention safety rating at all... reviewing a _Volvo_ ... comparing it to current car safety leader Tesla. very poorly researched review imo... and inexplicably you still arrive at a higher rating than the Model 3 even though you repeatedly say the Model 3 is a better overall car!

  • Nick Damon
    Nick Damon3 dager siden

    The standard AWD in the Polestar 2 is a more valuable asset than the performance package in Model 3. You are not comparing apples to apples instead you are comparing it to the Longer-Range AWD Model 3 with the Performance Package and that is Not cheaper than the Standard Polestar 2. However, a few things I don't like about the car are the bulky sloped center console, the weird shifter that should just be discreet buttons, the lack of storage in the armrest, the cloth seats, and the cramped back seats. These things keep the Polestar 2 from being a real competitor with the Model 3 or Y not to mention the Lack of Autopilot.

  • BØLT
    BØLT3 dager siden

    The all-Helvetica UI is so damn nice. I wish more car makers would go with more contemporary and simplistic typography like Polestar.

  • Sharun
    Sharun3 dager siden

    8:16 Current charge level is **NICE**

  • Kush Patel
    Kush Patel3 dager siden

    They got the PlayStation controller D-Pad for the rims

  • Craig Licata
    Craig Licata3 dager siden

    Doug never reviews the voice actuation features so we do not have hunt for the correct file or folder

  • Justice Clum
    Justice Clum3 dager siden


  • Joel Sanford
    Joel Sanford4 dager siden

    Sedan? 😂😂😂

  • themroc
    themroc4 dager siden

    8:13 : Nice...

  • TL
    TL4 dager siden

    Looks very nice, I guess it'll even be nicer in person.

  • MondVogel
    MondVogel4 dager siden

    funny how a guy like Doug doesnt know that the whole infotainment system is by google.

  • FLAKKU03
    FLAKKU034 dager siden

    Chinese made electric car. Thanks but NO.

  • Miniature Diecast Reviews
    Miniature Diecast Reviews5 dager siden

    Wow I like that Nissan figaro

  • tonymalice
    tonymalice5 dager siden

    It's heinous.

  • Michael Webster
    Michael Webster5 dager siden

    Doug Demuro is the only car reviewer i would listen from absolute beginning to absolute end of the video. NO SKIPS

  • someuser
    someuser5 dager siden

    The Polesmoke lineup.

  • Carde
    Carde5 dager siden

    All it really needed to do was match the Tesla in range, coming this much short is a bit of a shame.

  • F
    F5 dager siden

    You don't have to compare this to model 3 performance, the dual motor lang range one just crashs this car like a potato :)

  • rkjer
    rkjer5 dager siden

    I started watching all Doug videos in 2x so I can see everything and not have to skip the boring parts. Give it a try

  • Sean Henry
    Sean Henry5 dager siden

    Gold is the performance edition. And it has the adjustable Bilstein dampers so it corners better than the Model 3. I've lowered our P2 and the handling is comparable to my VW CC (also on coilovers). I definetely prefer it over the Tesla plus the dealer support network is better with Polestar.

  • Philip Minns
    Philip Minns5 dager siden

    I'd say that just knowing you could have given Elon Musk money and didn't is worth the 5k.

  • oldeenglish64
    oldeenglish646 dager siden

    YOu scoring sucks bro.. Seriously. Tesla and polestar your scores aint even ballpark.

  • vlajster
    vlajster6 dager siden

    excuse me,that thing gorgeous?!?!

  • Don Wa
    Don Wa6 dager siden

    The gear selector lever is hollow for weight savings,..

    NEWYORK BOSS6 dager siden

    This is a way better car then tesla except that dum cup holder place 🤣🤣🤣they gotta re design that asap

  • mhmm2013
    mhmm20136 dager siden

    Soo many components from Volvo :D lol

  • Never Surge
    Never Surge6 dager siden

    Cool so google has a track on this car... good to know

  • Kristofer Olai Ravn Stavseng
    Kristofer Olai Ravn Stavseng6 dager siden

    Nice car, but I won't spend that much money on a Chinese brand so long as China keeps violating human rights on such a massive scale.

  • acon c
    acon c6 dager siden

    The tablet looks dated

  • Adam Palmiter
    Adam Palmiter7 dager siden

    Loveeee the style.

  • Nate Cortez
    Nate Cortez7 dager siden

    Polestar will need more visibility as a brand. I imagine cars aren't the first thing most people think of when they hear the name "Polestar."

  • Brooklyn Brand
    Brooklyn Brand7 dager siden

    That screen ain’t cutting it anymore

  • zzzzUS
    zzzzUS7 dager siden

    That piano black looks gross! Mind it, I have that garbage in my KIA as well and wish I wouldn't.

  • Charlie Calderwood
    Charlie Calderwood7 dager siden

    I think you're paying an extra 5 grand to have a car that won't fall apart. Either out of patriotism or fear of Tesla stans, Doug doesn't seem to mention Tesla's awful quality record.

  • Dailydriver
    Dailydriver7 dager siden

    Just can’t get into these things. A v90 or v60 polestar with the five cylinder is my style

  • Philipp Matthias Türk
    Philipp Matthias Türk7 dager siden

    He was really happy to see that hexagon tho

  • Hoova Groova
    Hoova Groova8 dager siden

    Tesla is better

  • diesel 10 rules
    diesel 10 rules8 dager siden

    10 years from now Doug will say car's and bids is still New

  • Conscious Robot
    Conscious Robot8 dager siden

    Goofy looking design

  • Ismael Santos
    Ismael Santos8 dager siden

    The deafening octopus consequently step because dock outstandingly observe till a annoyed family. certain, equal hub

  • Splak _
    Splak _9 dager siden

    "mostly sedan, some SUV" ..... so a crossover?

  • untamedkb
    untamedkb9 dager siden


  • Jeremy Pollard
    Jeremy Pollard9 dager siden

    haha. nice.

  • Lorde
    Lorde9 dager siden

    Polestar sounds like a documentary about strippers in the inner city.

  • Sean Thomas Stewart
    Sean Thomas Stewart9 dager siden

    Doug: This is a direct rival to the Tesla Model 3. Doug, immediately after: it starts around $60,000.

  • Minecraft Mike
    Minecraft Mike9 dager siden

    The bezels on that screen are giant.

  • Ed L
    Ed L9 dager siden

    So ugly

  • RL Days
    RL Days9 dager siden

    The polestar at the motorshow was sexy. This is ugly AF

  • Kahê Sathler
    Kahê Sathler9 dager siden

    I would call this car a Crossover, not a sedan.

  • CatDaddy
    CatDaddy10 dager siden

    8:16 nice

  • Michael P
    Michael P10 dager siden

    8:16 .... Nice....

  • SamWyzeGG
    SamWyzeGG10 dager siden

    Hasn't polestar been around for a while on like the special edition volvos that are super fast?

  • Peter Silie
    Peter Silie10 dager siden

    Never seen such a beautiful shaped car for many years. It shows strength, but also elegance. Really like it.

  • Dr Giant
    Dr Giant10 dager siden

    So happy a car has been produced that lets me put my key in my shoe without feeling like a freak.

  • Alvaro Revuelta
    Alvaro Revuelta10 dager siden

    No it does not

  • Big knoc Chi town
    Big knoc Chi town10 dager siden

    No start or stop I think I would like to have control of that

  • Ganesh Nayak
    Ganesh Nayak11 dager siden

    Everyone is a gangsta till you compare specs to model 3

  • Brandon Reed
    Brandon Reed11 dager siden

    Yay an electric car without overly futuristic electrified infotainment

  • fasola
    fasola11 dager siden

    Division in trunk is not new idea. I had this in my 2010 Volvo XC90.

  • Ronald Thompson
    Ronald Thompson11 dager siden

    Surely I'm not the only one who thinks it's ugly, right? Also, at $20k more for a base Taycan.... Who would buy this? It's still a $60k ugly car whereas the Taycan is an incredible piece of engineering.

  • Ahmed Mo
    Ahmed Mo11 dager siden

    ⁿᵒ ᵇᵒᵈʸ.... ᵗʰᵉ ᶜᵃʳ'ˢ ᵇᵃᵗᵗᵉʳʸ: 69%

    segmentkings.com11 dager siden

    It's gorgeous. It gets a seven. How stupid is this?? 7 is more like a strong 'okay' than gorgeous.

    segmentkings.com11 dager siden

    this comparison with tesla... It's a premium car, this polestar, isn't it?

  • BoyOnCrack
    BoyOnCrack11 dager siden

    Maybe read a bit about polestars new project? Polestar 0 with zero pollution that is going to be completed 2030 possibly

  • Y did i shit myself
    Y did i shit myself11 dager siden

    The polestar has way more class, the tesla looks boringly ugly

  • gcmarcal
    gcmarcal11 dager siden

    If I had the money I would pay the 5k extra just to avoid being a Tesla Fanboy!

  • Nossa


    9 dager siden

    @Island Vanlife lol why? I’m not saying they are good or bad I’m just curious

  • Ryne Davis
    Ryne Davis11 dager siden

    God these newer Volvos are slick. I want one.

  • werta5000
    werta500012 dager siden

    waiting for the Polestar Pulsar

  • Kavi4
    Kavi412 dager siden

    The Volvo is 5000usd of a better interior, it's fit and finish is better, and you know the safety is still priority.

  • Lando1876
    Lando187612 dager siden

    Thank god polestar didn't put out a crossover first

  • Tore Hansen
    Tore Hansen12 dager siden

    JJ Abrams approves the flares.

  • Tore Hansen
    Tore Hansen12 dager siden

    The whole entertainment IS Google.

    BILL WYNNE12 dager siden


  • Riygel
    Riygel12 dager siden

    Doug, your enthusiasm is unmatched.

  • fifilafiloche
    fifilafiloche12 dager siden

    At least, with this one, you can go off road.

  • Sam Dunham
    Sam Dunham12 dager siden

    I'm guessing that Doug is an iPhone user. Because that "Assistant thing" is clearly Google Assistant and that infotainment system, if not straight up Android, is clearly based on Android. :)

  • PDB Long
    PDB Long12 dager siden

    Made in China.

  • Ayushmaan Chauhan
    Ayushmaan Chauhan12 dager siden


  • Gino Asci
    Gino Asci12 dager siden

    where is the spare tire?

  • Gino Asci
    Gino Asci12 dager siden

    you didn’t let us hear the exhaust note.

  • robertastk
    robertastk12 dager siden

    Looks better than tesla. Panel gaps are better than tesla. Quality is better than tesla. You know that it will be safer than tesla. It's more car than tesla.

  • Blair Jeworski
    Blair Jeworski12 dager siden

    This is a good competitor to the Tesla. But I’m not a fan of short range. 350-400 is good. 600 is insane. All about range on electrics. And I hope it’ll get better.

  • Shinchan Cartoon
    Shinchan Cartoon12 dager siden

    EVERY one buying electric car for saving the world and bill gates want to save the world by giving vaccines and our government want to save the world by promoting lgbt only legends will understand

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  • Taj Misquitta
    Taj Misquitta13 dager siden

    In many ways, I think the 2018 S60 Polestar is a way better car. Most people just think it's just a regular S60 and it only makes them inquisitive when you put your foot down. Also, I consistently get around 375 miles (605km) of range on 17.2gal (65L) of gas (might be better if you have one without a carbon splitter in the front and the extended ducktail spoiler), and I once clocked it at 0-62 in 4.5s on Michelin Pilot Sport 4S. The rear seats also fold down and I'm 6'2" and I have plenty of legroom in the back. Lastly, nothing beats the whine of a supercharger coupled with the gusts of a turbo. See? It's a way better car. Who knows what the designers at Volvo were even thinking.

  • Ben Keating
    Ben Keating13 dager siden

    Clearly doug is an iphone guy. Didn't even notice the Google play store connection.